lundi, décembre 25


These past few days at home have been the best. The absolute best. Staying up until 2 am looking at photos with my dad and listening to him talk about everything from his pocket watch collection to the plum blazer he bought for my mom or wrapping Christmas presents with my mom and helping her arrange dessert platters for our holiday party has been incredible. I feel so blessed and happy and loved & every other candy-coated feeling imaginable. How did I get so lucky? Sorry for the cheesy blog, as I am normally quite cynical & opinionated (not to mention how much I despise Christmas and the fact that I'm a raging atheist), but I feel a renewed sense of appreciation & love for everyone in my family. It's like I'm a born-again, but for my family. (Does that even make sense?) So I guess, joy to the world? That's the only holiday greeting that I feel appropriate saying. Christmas to me is an overcommercialized gluttonous holiday that feels more like the day of Satan worship than the birth of Jesus. Every year people freak out about finding/receiving the perfect gift...what's the point? Yes my mom gave me the world’s ugliest bathrobe (nothing short of a 60's go-go dancer's dream) but goddamn it I had the best time ever opening presents with my family and enjoying each other's company & sitting by the fire. It felt like a celebration of family and of each other. It's been a tough year for everyone in my family, tonight we celebrated each other. And that to me is what this godawful holiday should be all about.

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