mercredi, décembre 20


I am at the end of my rope. The semester is over (!) classes tests & papers are done (!) and it's the beginning of winter break (!) ... And yet. And yet I feel all out of sorts and confused. Everything's over and now I'm supposed to relax and be happy, right? Something just isn't right and I can't quite figure out what or why. I literally want to rip out my hair, or buy a one-way ticket and run away, or change my name & hide out somewhere... Who am I? Times like these call for rash decisions. Which is why I want to do this...

Breathless (A Bout de Souffle) is one of my all time favorite favorite favorite films. Jean Seberg is gorgeous. Her hair & style in this film are so stunning, so effortless, so cool. (It's 1960 in paris; here's where that rewind/fastforward button idea I had comes into play...) I feel like I need to make a change...something big bold reckless hasty over zealous etc etc ... it's time to do something severe, n'est pas? Am I expecting too much from just a haircut? Probably. But, it's Jean Seberg in Breathless for christ's sake.

Qu'est-ce que vous en pensez? ...... ((what do you think?))

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Anonyme a dit…

hey i stumbled upon your blog through facehunter. Anyways, I notice that you've been posting a lot on insomnia, stress, decisions, advice is that you should definitely follow your heart, so whatever it is that you need to do (maybe even spending some time thinking in solitude about what you really want..what do you believe in? what makes you happy? what doesn't?) might make your decisions easier, and make you happier! (Obviously I'm not suggesting that you aren't happy!..I mean we all get down sometimes...just telling you to keep believing in yourself and your Dreams!!!)