jeudi, juillet 16

Good morning world

Once again I've become a lazy blogger, eh. It happens. Tomorrow I leave for a most exciting voyage to Toronto to visit the wondrously amazing V! I couldn't be more excited; I haven't left this city since my trip to Guatemala in February. It's definitely time for a mini vacation. Last night R and I had our Dutch friend Mark over with his girlfriend for a night of sushi and Saki (which I just tried for the first time and must admit to not liking it one bit, maybe it was the brand?). R and I are going to start planning our next vacation which is at the end of September and we're going to try and make it a bike trip going from Montreal to NYC! We talked to Mark because, being Dutch, he's quite the expert biker, although more so then most Dutch. He's biked around the world, thousands and thousands of kilometers! He's also the founder of an amazing site called Stay Nomad which helps people find sponsors and connections for trips they're planning. We got to talking about ways we could get sponsors for our trip, what we're going to need gear-wise, and how long it'll take. In lieu of explaining all of the details I'll simply say it's something we need to begin working on now if we want to make it possible. Mark said it would probably take us about 6-7 days to bike there. Once in NYC we'll stay for about a week and instead of taking another week-long trek home we'll take the train. I'm so terribly excited already! More details to come later, in the mean time check out Stay Nomad, it's a really great website.

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