mardi, juin 23

They prefer it with a wedge of lime

Today I watered the plants with Perrier; not on purpose of course but alas my little herbs were lucky to soak up the rest of a bottle I didn't know we'd had. I save some of the Perrier bottles in the fridge see, along with other juice bottles that catch my fancy (all glass bottles of course). I put water or iced tea in them just to have something cool on hand, thus it is sometimes impossible to tell if the bottle is actual Perrier or just water. Speaking of herbs R and I went to Jean Talon Market Sunday and scored a delicious bounty of local fruits and veggies: tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, arugula, cucumbers, apples, and some non local avocados. I've been enjoying the most amazing and flavorful salads since...nothing even compares to eating foods when they are in season. We also picked up a little lavender plant to add to the herb gang, hurrah! I wish I could take pictures to show you but I am still sans camera. But! I do believe I will soon be getting a d-slr...which would be such a treat; it's a late Christmas present from my brother. Hopefully, if all goes according to plan, it should get here within the next few weeks. I'm keeping my finger crossed until then.

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