jeudi, mai 21

Encore une fois

Another photo shoot today, this one for a friend's make-up portfolio. Tuesday I was chez elle for some testing which included gluing several sets of fake eye lashes, feathers, tiny metal butterflies, and beads onto my eye brow and lashes...ce n'etait pas le fun. (it wasn't fun) My eye was irritated the whole rest of the day and despite having done nothing, just sat in a chair for a few hours, I was quite tired. Back for more testing yesterday it was decided that the look had been too kitsch, instead she chose to paint sections of my face blue with purple shading. Oh, ok. I won't go into detail about the hair it was, suffice it to say, 'quelque chose'. (really something) The paint can stain skin if left on too long so I was treated to a quick, yet luxious facial finished off with a hydrating Chanel face cream which my skin most graciously absorbed...alas it left me with a longing for Paris.

2 commentaires:

Neenuh a dit…

Pictures! I demand pictures!

La Fille en Rose a dit…

ok doll, just for you...once I get them I will post one, but only one!