lundi, août 4

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

This is exactly what I need right now, more then anything else, is to be able to calm myself and see the bigger picture. Lately things seem to be out of my control, namely immigration & visa paperwork that I need to complete to enter Montreal (Quebec specifically). I'm working on applying for my QAC which, in layman's terms is a piece of paper which states the the Quebec government recognizes that I've been accepted to a university. It seems silly and unnecessary and thus is entirely French in that it's simply more bureaucratic red tape to deal with...those French really love to test your limits. In order to apply for this form I need to pay (ha, naturally) 100 Canadian clams, submit the application, and prove that I have enough money to support myself for a year which means I need 10k in addition to tuition. Yikes. So I'm dealing with my own feelings of anger as well as those of my parents who want to help but are also frustrated at the entire process and unsure of just how to approach it. Factor in that I probably won't even get this form before I need to leave and you've got one stressed out fille. I just wish for simpler times, I wish life wasn't so complicated. I wish I was at the beach, with a QAC in my hand, and something really boozy in the other hand.

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