jeudi, mai 8

O America

You shopping cart and overfilled aisle
Mini van, soda can, homeless man
Your gummy worm and Chinese food dinner

My broken croissant and lost perfume
Suitcase zipper, toenail clipper, high-heel shoe
Bought a one-way ticket back to the zoo

You stolen sadness and ice cream desserted my heart
Microwave, plastic bag, hand-me-down
Your streetlight at noon and TV show host

My old high school sweater and caged bird
Swimming pool, 2-car garage, one nation under god
Night of the living dead and while gone carried on,

I think I thought I knew you once.

1 commentaire:

Alisa a dit…

awww :( reverse culture shock is the worst... i'm not looking forward to it at all. but, i love your poem (especially the last line) and wish you good luck in trying to readjust, it's never easy. if you end up back in minneapolis we should try to (finally!) get together for a drink in the fall!