mercredi, janvier 23

Let's call it love

Check out one of my new favorite websites...Sex Drugs and Intellectual Freedom. Just when you thought someone couldn't get more accomplished or be cooler (see: grad student with a double major, roller derby ref, art museum field work, supportive friend, & all around kick ass human being, etc etc amen.) he comes out with another reason for me to adore him. Keep on rockin my friend, you continue to amaze and inspire me.

In other news Barbs and I held a candle light vigil for our generation's first fallen heart throb, dear Mr. Ledger. We celebrated the life of our former high school crush with chocolate and a showing of 10 Things I Hate About You. We have since decided to, like the main character Kat in the film, start a chick band. I'm going to learn guitar and Barbs is all over the Tambourine. Suggestions for band names are welcome.

3 commentaires:

ShiriMe! a dit…

hi sarah,

i read your comment to emily in her inside a black apple blog. just wanted to say that knitting in the round really isn't difficult at all. i haven't knitted in the round in quite some time and basically forgot the logistics. but really, all it involves in the set up, when you cast on the stitches. i learned how to do it by searching for instructions online. once you have your stitches cast on correctly, you're knitting like you would on normal knitting needles!

i highly encourage you to "formally" learn it. it's easy and saves a bit of time.

:) shirley

Anthony a dit…

I also highly encourage knitting in the round while perusing (and commenting and telling your friends and mass mailing strangers) about sex drugs and intellectual freedom.

I am shameless and Sarah is beautiful.


La Fille en Rose a dit…

Hey shirley, thanks for your advice. ..looks like I don't have an excuse not to learn now!

Tony, Sex Drugs and Intellectual Freedom is all I ever talk about now. I can't remember what life was like without it, it's become all the rage in Franceland.

(No, you're beautiful...)