dimanche, novembre 25

Sleep the clock around

I'm up far too late. I can't bring myself to shut this computer down; something keeps grabbing my attention and pulling me further into this sleepless night of web surfing. I should really try to sleep. I need to sleep. I can feel the slightest tinge of something creeping up my throat and I hope to the heavens it's not another form of a cold/flu. Boo. This weekend I went to Rennes to have a proper Thanksgiving day feast with the other assistants. As is tradition with Thanksgiving we all ate too much and then proceeded to eat too much of the leftovers the following day. I still don't feel entirely up to par...must have something to do with lounging around for most of the weekend while slowly doing one task (cutting potatoes, stirring some random dish on the stove top, dishing out advice on the best way to season yams) or slowly boozing all day long. Nevertheless this act of (what feels like) doing nothing leaves me restless. In other news La Fille en Rose is officially one year old! Who would have thought I could carry on with these endless me-centric ramblings for a year? Far more intriguing are the people who have become my Fille en Rose groupies, the regulars, the peeps who leave comments. Merci a vous, dear friends. I hope it's as good for you as it is for me.

2 commentaires:

Sarah a dit…

Hey Sarah M,
Its Sarah S. I'm adding you to my blog's list of other blogs!

Bridget a dit…

oh it is!! lets chat soon about your thoughts on returning and what will come next. I've decided that it doesnt really matter where i am in life, as it does who i'm with. a number of things have been hitting me lately, but the more i see the same people still here years later, the more i realize i dont want to be one of them and i do need to go elsewhere. so lets chat mon ami.