vendredi, novembre 9

En Attendant Godot

Waiting for class to start, waiting for the weekend to come, waiting for my next vacation, waiting for the train/bus/plane, waiting for a phone call from my mother, waiting for paper work from the government, waiting for my laundry to dry, waiting for a sunny day, waiting for friends to visit, waiting waiting day in day out. If I'm not waiting then I'm thinking about waiting...lately I've been thinking a lot about returning to the states after this little stint is over and the thought has me over the moon with excitement. I think I want to move to Portland. I'm feeling more bold, now that I've started over once what's one more time? So, I suppose it's all a big waiting game at this point. I suppose looking forward to what comes next is what keeps me sane and keeps me moving. I suppose I'm not really doing what all those obnoxious people recommend which is live in the moment, always be present. Well, I am present, in the future.

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