dimanche, octobre 21

To live the life that I have made in song

After my dismal Friday morning/afternoon experience I decided to try and turn the day around by picking myself up off the ground and, at the very least, moving. I left the house and decided to walk down the streets and parts of the city I hadn't seen yet. (The worst thing for me to do when I'm sad is nothing, the sadness manifests itself and I can just sit around and be upset for days.) As I walked I came upon a cafe that reminded me a lot of home: large, bright, warm and playing beautiful but unidentifiable music. Inside the cafe felt familiar and tranquil; there was lots of room to move and sit and the tables weren't terribly cramped together. The floors were dark wood and against one wall there were floor to ceiling shelves filled with lots of neat tea containers and old apothecary jars which held handmade candies. I sat down and thought about home and about not being home and drank a rose flavored soda and then I felt okay. For the moment I feel mostly okay. (And being okay feels like a safe place to be.)

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Anthony a dit…

I love Jackson Browne's music when I am sad or just bummed. He speaks to that better than he does anything else.

Of course, you have Nico's version. Which was one of the first recorded versions of it. JB wrote it when he was just 16 - which kills me. To be so in touch with the simple sadness of loss at such a young age. And to be able articulate it so plainly.

Check out his live acoustic version of "These Days" on his solo acoustic vol. 1 album. Gorgeous. Absolutely perfect.