vendredi, octobre 26

On becoming a regular

There's this little bar we like to go to, we call it the music bar because they have live music on Thursday nights, it's different from the usual sports bars or smokey tabacs that seem to pollute St Brieuc. The music bar has a laid back bohemian feel to it & I like the people who come in, these people are a unique bunch, the type you'd want to meet and have as your friends. We've gone so often that the bartender has memorized my drink...she smiles at me and says,

"Un Kir Framboise?"
"Oui, s'il te plait."

(It's the little things like becoming a regular and being recognized that are becoming my saving grace here. They know what I order and they smile when I walk in.)

2 commentaires:

Nugget a dit…

I'm going to do all I can to come to you. Any hints on searching for cheap flights?

Love you, ma poulette.

Nugget a dit…

I just looked at your Facebook pics. Sweet baby Jesus I miss you.