jeudi, septembre 20

The goodbye girl

Yesterday was neat. I am reminded once again what great friends I have and how lucky I am.

I got a package in the mail from Friend…a fancy lady purse in a beige color with a gold chain handle and a fantastic matching fancy lady dress in beige and white. These pieces look awesome together and separate; I wore the purse to a party that night and got loads of compliments. Way to go Friend…I will certainly be wearing this outfit when I go somewhere fancy for lunch. It just screams wear me with elbow length gloves and a little 60’s swing coat…I’ll be quite fetching in this ensemble as I have an afternoon at the art museum and then lunch in a chic tea salon. Hurrah!

After a delicious afternoon nap I went down to visit the always lovely always charming Ms. Lara-Bell, her going away gift to me was a FANTASTIC highlight job. Seriously the best I've ever looks like a sunburst across my hair with wonderful little hints of superblonde throughout. (I’ve received confirmation that this hair is officially ‘hot’. Rock.)

After a little soirée at Lara's Tony had a surprise going away dinner planned for me…McDonald’s! The All-American meal: McDonald’s extra value meals (super-sized & ordered without meat of course) we floored it back to his place and topped our buns with veggie burgers. Dessert was Ben & Jerry’s ‘All Americone Dream’ and late night TV. Perfecto.

Today is my final night in Brookfield and I am off to Chicago early tomorrow morning to visit Fatima until Sunday when I am in America never more. This may be the last post before Franceland in which case I wish to say ta ta for now...a bientôt!

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