vendredi, septembre 28

First impressions

I live here now, not in Paris exactly, but here as in France. This has been my world since Monday...pas longtemps. Everything is oddly familiar and yet completely new. I've visited here so often and I speak the language, I know this city better then I know most cities in America. Still, new.


Taking a nap in a cathedral with all my luggage

Washing lettuce in the bathtub

Purple metro tickets

Tiny dogs

Techno music in boutiques

Pear nectar

Afternoon naps

New dresses

First letter writing

Scarves; everyone everyone everyone wears one

Goat cheese and mustard potato chip dinner

Scenester party at Palais Tokyo

Fancy chic bar for drinks after

Mastering my pronunciation

Helping with English homework

Chocolate Mousse at midnight

Art exposition

Kir cassis

Cigarette smoke (in my clothes)

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

That made my heart break with yearning. Love it twice as much for me.

Anonyme a dit…

Hi Sweety, Sounds fabulous! The closest I have gotten to France lately is eating my morning grocery store croisant and reading The Journey. And every now and then some designer or chef on tv goes "wall-ah". So eh. I am excited to hear more from you. So far nothing that great to report about class, passed my first test and went parasailing! Bis, Natalie