jeudi, juillet 5

Some of it

I am a bit overwhelmed. Feel like I haven't done this in a while, & there is so much to say. How about I make a list...

-Yesterday was the best 4th of July ever. It was grand. I don't even know where to begin to begin so I will just direct you over to flickr where you can create your own story of what happened.
-My bike tire is super wonky...but I don't want to get it fixed because I am moving in 2 months.
-I visited my parents in the beginning of this week. It was stressful, but mostly good.
-Have been getting loads of compliments on my hair. My favorites are when people say I remind them of the girl from Breathless. (yessssssss!)
-Am almost done knitting a pair of legwarmers...purple & grey stripes.
-Was naughty and bought another pair of shoes today. Black patent leather with little bows. (pictures to come...)
-Latest obsession: lime sletzer water. Tasty.
-Will be leaving the house shortly to get wine at my favorite cafe with Jules & her Italian/French acquaintance. Oh la la.

And that, dear friends and lovers, is that. More later, perchance.

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