lundi, juillet 16

Social butterfly (off & flying)

This weekend was FANTASTIC! Saturday the always lovely V & I went to our favorite little French café and had a bottle of Prosecco & dessert (which V insists on paying for because she is a lovely girl and I have thus named her my benevolent benefactor) al fresco because it was such a lovely day and we both had on such lovely dresses that were fun to show off outdoors to all the happy people driving or bicycling by. 1 Bottle and 2 wine samples later I was back home & getting ready to go out with Jules & David (French/Italian's quite complicated because he was born in France, has lived there all his life, but identifies more with Italy & doesn't appear to like France one bit!). We went to a fun party at a new club/bar & danced the night away. Le sigh. I do love dancing (especially with good friends). However, the best of the best was certainly yesterday. The Pasta Bar crew went to Valley Fair practically from dawn till dusk. We went on all the rides, rollercoasters, water slides, etc etc. Bar none the most fun I've had all summer. But now that it's Monday I need to get some work I'm working on filling out some pesky visa papers. But not for long. It's simply too beautiful of a day to sit inside & fill out visa papers. Meet you at the beach in half an hour?

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