lundi, juillet 9

Dogs & frogs

Today L called from France. I like to call L Former French Flame (FFF) (Note: He's 1 of 2. Yes I realize I am pathetic.), although he could also be considered Estranged European Lover (EEL), and when I'm angry I think I'll start calling him Bizarre And Random Frenchie (BARF). Anyways the story, which is far less interesting then the acronyms that I've come up with for him, is that as he was about to hang up he asked once more, "Quoi d'neuf?" to which I sighed, "Je veux un chein". (What else? ... I want a dog.) Next thing I know we're off and running to the computer to look up pictures of dogs and talking about which ones he likes and I like & we're sending links back and forth comparing pictures and laughing hysterically at all the cute dogs. Originally I believed I wanted a Beagle...I love their little ears! But I've recently discovered the Golden Doodle which has now stolen my heart. FFF (or Eel/Barf depending on the day of the week) wants a ChowChow. Which, although somewhat cute, looks to me like a cross between a gorilla and a lion. (This really is a fascinating story isn't it?) Anyways the moral of the story is that I love dogs. And I have 3 new names for my ex boyfriend.

Also, my legwarmers are complete! I'm not quite sure if I like them for myself so I think I'll probably gift them to some lucky someone. (Any takers?)

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