lundi, avril 30

Dear stranger I don't know, thank you

Sometimes I lock my bike up outside my house. I generally chain it to a tree or a signpost because I don't like to drag it down into the basement and then have to haul it out again the next morning. This was the case yesterday when I left my bike chained to a post. But, when I came home late from a friend's house, I noticed that my bike was tipped over & looking completely disheveled (although I'm sure it was unintentional). However, last night I was feeling particularly forlorn and only gave my poor bike a passing glance before I went up to my apartment. Sometimes nothing feels worth it. Not even picking up my bike. The next morning (today) my bike was standing up! Yes, dear friends, some stranger had picked up my bike for me. I know it isn't much of a story, but it renews some small sense of hope that I seem to be consistently losing. These days I'll gratefully accept any form of kindness I come across...even something as small & unimportant as picking up a fallen bike. Whoever you are, thank you.

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Anonyme a dit…

Ma puce! You sound so sad! I propose a surprise outing to give you cheer. WARNING: This surprise may include cupcakes. Call me!