dimanche, mars 4

A plane, a ticket, & me

I am leaving for Paris in 4 days...oh my! I am suddenly very nervous & overwhelmed. Not that I am complaining, just that it's approaching rapidly and I feel like I suddenly have a lot to do and I don't know where to begin...don't even get me started on how I'm supposed to accomplish this ever growing list when I have almost no money to my name. I don't know how I ever thought I could finance a trip to Paris. Reality is certainly beginning to set in as I realize that I will be limited to doing very very little because I simply can't afford to do much. Nevertheless I don't think this will put a damper on my trip since I have no intention of making this a shopping trip or an extravagant vacation. I'm coming to Paris because I love the city, the people, the language, and the culture. I plan on visiting with friends, hopefully renting a bike, walking as much as possible, possibly trying to visit one museum per day, and making sure to spend at least 2 hours everyday reading & writing & observing in a cafe. I think I'll also be taking one tiny side trip to Normandie to visit my friend's parents for a day or so which will be nice to visit the countryside. I still can't believe I'm actually going to Paris. Paris Paris Paris! Sometimes I forget and then someone will casually remind me or say something about it and I immediately fall into this child-like sense of excitement and joy realizing that I am leaving the country. I am going on vacation by myself; with myself. I am doing exactly what I want to do. I am living the life I want to live. My life and principles according to me, no one else. Money & common sense need not apply.

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