samedi, mars 31

Area 'fille' fulfills dream to travel, walks barefoot in Paris

I suppose some news about Paris is in order, especially after the long blogging hiatus. Basically Paris was wonderful; I had the most wonderful wonderful time and it was all I had dreamed it would be. Everyday was sunny which meant we walked as much as possible and saw many of my favorite parts of the city: le Marais, Monmartre, les jardins, and of course many other small surprises of farm-fresh markets, charming streets, and small parks were discovered. I was so caught up in the wonder of Paris that I didn't once think back to the snowy wonderland I had just left or worry about the mountain of work I had to return to. Paris enveloped my entire state of being. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't recall my past or anticipate the future; Paris was my reality and my state of mind. It felt otherworldly. So what did I do? Oh a little of everything really...went to museums, read my book in the park, took photos of all my meals, walked everywhere, spoke as much French as possible, and had a really really fabulous time. I miss it already. Paris je t'aime.

Magnolia tree in bloom

Louvre in all its glory

Le Marché Aux Puces

Best hot chocolate in the world at Angelina's

French fille extraordinaire Anaïs et Moi at Pop in

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peter a dit…

that last photo is choice. we should have a wayfarers party. and listen to "Wayfarer" by Kavinsky. he's French. and a zombie.