dimanche, février 18

Well, hello

What a happy coincidence to find this little pin at a card store...it's exactly what my pet bird Captain looks like! (Zebra Finch) I've had Captain since I was in 5th grade... against all odds this bird refuses to die despite having his cage next to a drafty window and my often forgetting to feed him throughout my childhood. Apparently Zebra Finches are only supposed to live to be about 4 years old, in which case our little friend has been on borrowed time for the last 8 or so years of his life. Nevertheless this bird is now showered with love and attention from my parents once I left for college. Suffering from empty nest syndrome (ha) he's helped them cope marvelously and has no intention of dying anytime soon, thank you very much. His charming name comes via his father...I thought it was such a cute name and decided to name my bird Captain (jr.) as well. I later found out that the person who owned Captain (sr.) was an alcoholic and named him after Captain Morgan. Hah. Thus ended my childhood of blissful innocence.

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