jeudi, janvier 25

A run down of, well, not much

Nothing much to say.
It's windy and cold.
Ceramics is coming along swimmingly.
I am in the midst of reading Frankenstein.
Have eaten an inordinate amount of nuts and Clementines today; feeling a bit squirrel-ish (monkey-like?) certainly Marsupial-esque.
Looking to change my hair cut/color/style...have been feeling a bit restless lately.
My mood has been bipolar with an emphasis strongly on polar; lowest lows complete with crying and a pint of Ben & Jerry’s to mere euphoria after my successes in ceramics and my intermediate fiction class.
Upset that I keep missing Tony's phone calls. (When you called I was in my fiction class & then scampered off to the library to finish my homework for to you soon? soon!)
Want to buy a new pair of boots to get rid of the old & embarrassing pair of pseudo ugg-ish type boots.
Have lots of fun parties to attend this weekend.
Almost bought a pack of cigarettes today...I don't smoke, but today I had the worst urge ever to start.
I didn't.
Looking forward to getting wine at my favorite cafe in uptown tomorrow night with Friend.
Tomorrow is my long day of classes, I suppose it's time to sleep.
A bientôt.

Amendment to original post: had been eyeing this pair of boots for a while; figured since we've still got another 3 months of winter that investing in a good pair of boots would be the intelligent, nay, mature thing to do. Voilà:
They shall warm my feets within 4-7 business days....eep!

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