mardi, janvier 30


I have a really awful habit of buying inordinate amounts of books. Many the books on my bookshelf haven't actually been read, or read in their entirety. (see: 'looking to adopt?') However, I take comfort in having them accessible...should I ever want or have the time to read them I would be able. The privilege of having a 'u card' also makes the acquiring of books quite easy. Indeed my book buying habits have become a bit out of hand, more of an addiction than anything else. Whenever I feel like I should reward myself...did well on an exam, wrote an awesome paper, need to cheer myself up...I go to the U's bookstore. Some people smoke or drink, but my vice is buying books. Which is almost endearing, who honestly buys books to take the edge off? However, I can say that my saving grace is the fact that I generally restrain myself to only buying from the discounted book section. Plus buying from the discount section is also a fun way to broaden your booking acquiring horizons...they have many different genres/varieties of books on sale from theatre & poetry to cooking & politics. Anyways, since it's my last semester and I didn't have many books to buy for my courses I went a little crazy buying used/discounted books. I like to look at the books other classes are reading and generally end up buying a few books from other classes (mostly novels or poetry) that I find interesting. This time, however, I've pulled out all the stops and have even ventured into undiscounted territory. Indeed, I've been shamelessly buying books at full price. I've just finished a really great graphic novel called Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi & I highly recommend this book to anyone! It's about Strapi's life as a child growing up during the Iranian Cultural Revolution...fascinating, tragic, hilarious, incredible...such a necessary read. I've even gone and bought the sequel, Persepolis 2, because I was so taken with the first and couldn't wait to read more. Not that I need to justify myself to the internet (à la Coquette) but I do feel like sometimes you need to indulge yourself and pay full price. Also, I have been doing a really good job keeping up on my school work, doing all (most) of my readings for class, going to class, etc. Then again, it's only the third week of class.

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